Site Improvements – Categories and Tags

Just a quick update tonight, nothing fancy.  Sorry that I don’t have any new content for you, just a bit of work behind the scenes.  It’s definitely not because I’m lazy.  Almost all of my posts still had the default category assigned to them.  I realized that would quickly be unmanageable if I keep up the post-a-day trend and it seemed like a good idea to get that knocked out sooner rather than later.  Imagine if I had waited a year…

So, now there are a bunch of new categories and tags and every post has a place.  No more ‘Uncategorized’ stuff!  I plan to keep this up going forward.  I think that the groupings I have now are pretty comprehensive but I am sure that I’ll need to add more in the future.  The ‘Til Death Do Us Part series also needed a few modifications, so I did that too.

Not the most exciting post, I know, but necessary.  It’s definitely not because I’m lazy.