Site Update – What Happened

It would appear that, somewhere along the way, I dropped the ball when it comes to posting here.  And then, you know, couldn’t find it for two and a half months or so.  I wish that I could blame it on technical issues or say something super exciting happened in my life at some point.  Unfortunately, the truth is a lot more painful.

I just didn’t post.

That’s it.  I’ve barely even thought about the site at all these past few months.  Didn’t even log in to check the site or anything.

When I first created the site, I imagined putting up something new every day.  “That’s easy!” I thought.  Just pop in, throw some words up, call it good.  Do it enough times and it becomes a habit, just like remembering to feed the cat twice a day.  In reality, posting new content day after day ended up being much more of a chore, like working out – which I guess I also need to start doing again… *sigh*

It doesn’t help that putting my thoughts into words doesn’t come easily to me.  Sometimes it takes a long time to start or to find the right way to construct a sentence.  Just before I went on hiatus, I stalled out while writing a post while on the last paragraph.  I have yet to complete it.  Even this post took several attempts to finish.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I’m coming back and I plan to keep working on this site, but I won’t be continuing with the daily posts.  I still love role-playing games and I love talking about them (you know, even if no one actually visits this site right now…).  I’m just not going to force myself to publish content at a breakneck speed if that means I’ll need to take two months off just to reset.

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